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Vladimir Leskin


Valery Shukevich


Vadim Danilov


Paul Sherman



On April, 22 the band released new long-awaited album called "Ascention" (Russian edition). In the end of July the keyboardist Konstantin Artamonov has left the band since he decided to study in a music college in St. Petersburg. His plans were announced in February so the band could take the time to find a new keyboardist. Finally, July 1st, the band publicly declared that Paul Sherman is the new keyboardist, who moves from Chisinau, Moldova to Irkutsk just to work in the band.


February 28 and March 2nd took place a premiere of ballet on the works of Guy de Maupassant "Bel Ami". Music for the ballet was written by Konstantin Artamonov. All summer the band was in Irkutsk since the music theater has no gigs to play. So members of Extrovert spent their time on the Baikal shores. Rest of the year there were no major events happened but playing cover gigs as usual and the show premiere on ABBA music at the theater. Due some technical reasons, release date of the new album "Ascention" was postponed until early 2015 again.


January, 26 and 27 took place the premiere of the ballet called "The Garnet Bracelet" on the works of Alexander Kuprin. Music and arrangement were composed by Konstantin Artamonov. As usual the band made a summer tour with musical theater in Yaroslavl this time. Just like they did back in 2000's, 13 years ago. June, 26 is the day the band was founded. At June, 26, the band performed first time ever, 20 years ago. December, 19, Konstantin Artamonov received governor's award for his "The Garnet Bracelet" ballet music.


On January, 5, the band played a solo concert where they played their own material from the album “Making the Ocean Awake”. Gradually the band begins to play their own songs more often, it becomes possible because of the new members desire to fully become the members of the team. On March the band was preparing to the gig called "Burning Empty Spaces 2012". March, 27, some of the members arrived in Moscow with the musical theater to play a show. March, 30, other members joined the band and on the same day EXTROVERT performed at their first tour gig. In April the band played a lot of gigs in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. May, 3, EXTROVERT arrived to Novosibirsk, where in 4 days guys played another 3 gigs. May, 8, the band came home to Irkutsk and the first tour was finished. May, 11, also played a gig in Irkustk club called "Chicago" as an encore to tour gigs. From June 11 till June 30 the band performed with the musical theater in Ulan-Ude, Buryatiya. Till the end of the year the band played in clubs and pubs of Irkutsk, performed in rock operas and musicals with the theater while Max and Vladimir looking for free time to record vocals at studio for a new album.


On January, 3, the album recording continued. Fom November of 2010 till April, 2011 the band was testing their new drummer in different theatrical performances and club gigs. On the 1st of April it was decided to recruit him in the band officially. From now on the band’s drummer is Vadim Danilov. Welcome to the family! From June, 15, till July, 15 the band was on a traditional tour in Chelyabinsk together with the musical theatre where the band along with performances with the theatre played in clubs and pubs of the city. The second part of the year the band spent working. Namely playing regular gigs in clubs and pubs of Irkutsk and different cities of the region, unchanged performance in rock-operas and musicals of the theatre and of course using any free time to continue their work on the album. In November the band finally started to record the vocal parts.


The band entered this year complete with the crew. At the beginning of January the vocalist Vladimir Leskin officially joined the team. Starting from here the band is working a lot in different directions. Firstly, a lot of rehearsals are taking place with the new vocalist of EXTROVERT, and they start giving concerts in clubs with their new staff. Secondly, the recording of their new album continues, and thirdly, the band is busy with learning and arranging the music for a new stage performance called “Bonnie and Clyde”, the premiere of which took place in the musical theatre on March, 6-9. It has to be noted that all the production group of this play was from France. Bernar Poli, a French composer has highly evaluated the band’s work. On April, 10, the debut of vocalist Vladimir Leskin and keyboard player Konstantin Artamonov took place on the stage of “Orbit” club playing band’s composed material. The guys managed to do everything perfectly. Welcome to the family! At the same time concert sound engineer Alexey Kouglyant joined the team. On the 2nd of May the band performed as a headliner at AzaFest that was organized by the leader of Azazello band, Alexander Koulak, in Tynda city.

From June, 30 till July, 31 the band together with the theatre was exciting the hearts of Vladivostok people with their arts. Along with the theatrical performances EXTROVERT played 13 gigs in different clubs of the city. After they returned to Irkutsk and had a little vacation the work on recording the album continued from the middle of August. In the middle of August drummer Alexey Bayev announces that he leaves the band in connection with his moving to Moscow for his permanent living. Till November he stayed in Irkutsk and the band was playing in the same content in rock-operas of the theatre and club concerts. After that the band had to prepare a new drummer for all performances and concerts within a very short period of time. But having a lot of experience and luck in this field had helped the band in this time to cope with the difficulties. From December EXTROVERT is in the front row again. But the name of a new drummer is kept in secret for certain reasons. Due to all of these problems the recording of the new album was stopped till the end of the year. The year of 2010 was also marked by the fact that three members of EXTROVERT, Kostya, Valera and Max had their sons.


Already on January, 3, EXTROVERT went on tour again, during which they played again in Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk, afterwards followed by two concerts played in Moscow. And again Alexey Bayev was performing vocal parts as the band couldn’t make their choice for about a year by that time. Taking a new person in the band is a very responsible decision and nobody wanted to make a mistake this time. That is why the situation still remains unsettled. But this is not an obstacle for playing solo concerts as well as taking part in different festivals and all thanks to Alexey Bayev’s talent to play and sing along such complex pieces of music. On February, 28, the premiere of musical performance “The Russian Phantom” took place with the actual participation of EXTROVERT. The band made its musical arrangement and presented their own seeing of the musical material written by composer Igor Levin. At the beginning of summer Yevgeny Chekulayev [TContinental], a perfect sound engineer, joins the crew. The preparation for the new record begins. In July keyboard player Dmitry Iskhakov leaves the band, so there are only three musicians left. But it absolutely cannot stop EXTROVERT and on the 14th of August they start recording drums for their new album. Aside from this they start searching for a new keyboard player. At the beginning of September it was decided to put the cover album “Back in the UK” for free download on the Internet because it was not possible to solve the question with copyrights. On September, 22, the band officially takes its new keyboardist, a 23-year old pianist with classical education – Konstantin Artamonov. Till the end of the year the band is busy with the album recording and spends a lot of time at rehearsals.


It has to be said that this year strarted not so colourfully for the band, as EXTROVERT was again left without a vocalist, who decided to move to Moscow. Not long before this event, the vocal parts for the cover versions album was still recorded with his participation, and album mixing starts by spring. In summer the band traditionally goes for tour with the theatre, this time they go to Minsk - the capital of Belarus. On the US label Dreamscape Records the album “Making The Ocean Awake” was released on August, 18, the album was in English specially for the overseas auditory. At the beginning of November the band went on a small tour where they performed at several festivals. At first it was Severodvinsk with its “North-Boogie” festival, then Arkhangelsk and “Belomor-boogie” and the third was the Moscow festival “On Takeoff” being particularly an elimination round which the band has passed easily. And all this time EXTROVERT survived on stage by four in number without a frontman, all vocal parts being performed by the drummer, Alexey Bayev.


On January, 3, the band entered the new studio and started recording the missing tracks for the rock-ballet “Silver String”. By the middle of the month the recording was over, the mixing was done in February and musicians began working on the compositions for their next album. In April the board of the Musical Theater asked the band to take part in rock-operas. From June, 14, to July, 15, the band was on tour with the theater in Chelyabinsk. In addition to rock-operas EXTROVERT played a lot at the clubs and visited Yekaterinburg to give two performances in a day. The Ural audience was very welcoming and in general Tour in Ural had a great success. In August the vocal parts for the rest of the tracks in English were recorded for the album “Making the Ocean Awake”. On September, 12, the soundtrack CD to the ballet “Silver String, or Where Reality Ends” was released on Blacksmith Productions label.

On October, 3, a prog festival took place in Yekaterinburg where the British band Anathema, Yekaterinburg band Angels’ Part and EXTROVERT made their performances. In November the band started their cover versions recording for the worldwide famous songs of the English bands of the ‘60-s and ‘70-s in the band’s own studio called “The Cage studio”. The CD release is planned for the end of 2008.


In February the band finishes recording of the English demo and starts distributing the demo package to different foreign labels along with giving regular concerts at the clubs of Irkutsk and other towns of the region. In March the band started to write the music for the children’s musical ''Thumbelina". On April, 21, EXTROVERT performed in St. Petersburg at the Metal Blast Festival and on April, 23, the band enjoyed a great success in Moscow at the annual INPROG festival. On May, 13, the local G3 show where Valery participated took place in Angarsk. From June, 24, to July, 23, the band was on tour in Vladivostok. On July, 2, the band played in front of 50 000 people at the Day of the City. Having come back to Irkutsk the musicians start constructing their own studio where they are planning to have rehearsals and record their next album.
On December, 13, EXTROVERT performed for the legends of rock — NAZARETH who visited Irkutsk on their Russian tour. Twice during the performance Dan McCaferty was on stage singing with EXTROVERT. It started like an improvisation blues, and then turned into a NAZARETH song – “Where are you now?” After the performance musicians had a long and close conversation, and Dan McCaferty expressed his strong will to help EXTROVERT to get to worldwide rock-stage.


On January, 24 on the stage of the Musical theatre the first performance of the band EXROVERT took place. The band played all songs from their recently recorded but yet not released album and some compositions from the ballet "Silver String" featuring the theater's troupe. In March Alexey (Bob) Bayev had time to take part in the recording of the album having sung some back-vocal parts. In April the band and the Russian record-label "Blacksmith Productions" concluded an agreement of releasing the album. The musicians immediately entered the studio to record the rest of the tracks for the ballet which is to be released as an instrumental album. On May, 29 the band took part in a regional rock-festival taking place in Zelenogorsk and made a hit. On June, 17 the album "Making the Ocean Awake" was released. On July, 2 the band officially announced that the vocalist Vladimir Antipov had left and Boris Golik would replace him.
The band at once recorded two English versions of their songs featuring Boris Golik. In August the band with the theater was on tour in Vladivostok. On December, 5, on the stage of the Musical theatre the presentation of the album "Making the Ocean Awake" took place. It was Boris Golik's debut performance with EXTROVERT. The concert had a great success and was considered to be the best of all EXTROVERT's performances. On December, 14, the band quit the Musical Theater. On December, 20 and 21, the last performances of "Juno and Avos" featuring EXTROVERT take place.


In May the guys unite in Agarta again and on May, 23 they do the presentation of the album on the stage of the Musical Theater. Along with the stuff from the album the musicians play some new compositions and an improvised jam-session. In June the drummer Denis Popoff decides to leave the band. The reason was a musical disagreement. Due to the limited time in the studio and busy time in the theater the recording of the album lasts till July. In July and August the band with the theater is on the concert tour in Astrakhan. Denis is still on the drums. In August Alexey (BOB) Bayev becomes a new drummer. From August to November the album is being mixed. In September the band starts negotiations about releasing the album with different Russian and Western record-labels. At the same time the band decides to change its name which was due to some reasons not appreciated by the musicians. After a long search everybody came to the conclusion that from January, 1 the band's official name would be EXTROVERT. The album "Making the Ocean Awake" and the music for the ballet "Silver String... or Where Reality Ends" is already released by the band called EXTROVERT.


The band continues its productive work in the line-up of the Musical Theater and gives shows actively at the venues of Irkutsk as well as composes a lot of materials for their debut album. July - August. The band enters on recording the album (the drum parts for the album and for the ballet "Silver String" are being recorded). Up to the end of the year the band is busy with the recording. In December Agarta's CD is released on the Moscow record-label "Starless Records".


In January the band composes and stages the rock-ballet “Silver String... or Where Reality Ends” together with the ballet troupe of the theater. In spring Alexander leaves the band because of personal and creative disagreement. He is replaced by Vladimir Antipov who is known for his activity in the “Pilgrims Theater” and also for taking part in the performances of the Musical Theater. In “Jesus Christ Superstar” he plays Judas Iscariot.

In June the band records the demo called “The Mazes of the Way”. The whole July the band spends on the theater tour in Kiev where the performances with the band’s participation have a great success.


The band takes a permanent keyboardist Dmitry Iskhakov and starts to work on their new material. During the concerts and rehearsals a misunderstanding between Alexander Aidarov and the rest of the band emerges. In summer the band goes on tour to Voronezh.


The premiere of the rock-show “Stairway to Heaven” took place on the stage of the theater. It included cover versions of most famous rock compositions which became the classic of the genre. The band comes to a final decision to change the name. So “BIG TROUBLE” turns into “STIHIYA” (ELEMENT). The musicians began to present their songs in Russian and the style converted into progressive rock. The band feels an apparent lack of a keyboardist, so necessary for such music. All summer the band spends on tour with the theater in Yaroslavl. In fall the three musicians Max, Dennis and Valera make an instrumental project “AGARTA” with the participation of Irkutsk guitarist a.k.a. Myth. The CD called “Under the same sky” was recorded and released in December 2003 by Starless Records, Moscow.


Irkutsk company “Music Most” releases “Four Elements” — a long awaited tape album in English. After having been recorded the album was presented on the stage of Irkutsk Musical Theater on May, 12. Besides their own compositions the musicians presented 4 compositions by Antonio Vivaldi from the “Seasons” series with the participation of the ballet troupe of the theater. This summer the band spent on tour in Kemerovo and Vladivostok. In December, during one night the drummer of the band Dennis composes and records his solo album called “Drumonoid” produced by Max Popoff. The drummers from symphony orchestra of the Musical Theater Igor Migunov and Pavel Rantsev also took part in the recording.


In Spring another rock-opera “The Star and the Death of Hoakin Murrieta” was staged. In summer “BIG TROUBLE” gets the award in the nomination “Mr. Drive” at the international festival “Baikalsk-98”. The band starts working on its debut album.


In August the premiere of the Russian version of rock-opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” by A.L.Webber took place. The performance is of a great success among critics and spectators. Being a part of the theater’s cast the band goes on tour to “Moscow Art Academic Theater” between October, 31 and November, 6. Gradually the band is returning to its solo activity in spite of being fully occupied in theatrical performances. With a broadening of the repertoire the band gives solo-concerts outside of the theater.


This year was marked by the beginning of a close collaboration with Irkutsk State Musical Theater. The famous Russian rock-opera “Juno and Avos” by Alexei Rybnikov and the musical tale “The Bremen Musicians” by Genadi Gladkov were staged. By the New Year the band composes the rock-tale “Mukha Tsokotukha” with Vladimir Sokolov as a co-author.


The band got its constant staff:
  • Max Popoff - bass, back-vocals
  • Valery Shukevich - guitar
  • Alexandr Aidarov – lead vocals
  • Dennis Popoff - drums
In February the band starts its so-called theatrical activity. All the musicians go in the cast of Irkutsk “Pilgrim’s Theater” participating in the following rock-operas: “The Suit”, “Antigona”, “The Murderers”. The Band‘s passion for the theater and large music forms has blurred its solo creative work.


In May 1994 the band was awarded the prize for professional skills at “Sarma-94” Festival in Angarsk. Later on in November it won Grand Prix among 25 bands at the Festival in Bratsk.


The band was formed in 1993 in Irkutsk, Russia. At the very beginning the guys played thrash metal and had the name of BIG TROUBLE. The musicians were periodically changing, the only permanent member was bassist Max Popoff.